August 14, 2023

Driving Quantum through Strategic Partnership with Nalsoft


We are delighted to announce we haveselected Nalsoft, an esteemed Oracle partner based in the UAE, renowned fortheir successful delivery of complex ERP projects. With their expertise, we aregearing up for an exciting Quantum Phase 2, starting from August 14, 2023, withan estimated completion within 11 months. This is an aggressive project planand would require everyone‘s participation and support for the successfulcompletion of this project.


The Quantum team will keep you updated onthe key milestones as soon as the project team is mobilised and essential datesare finalised. Despite the challenges faced during Phase 1, we have learnedvaluable lessons, and I am confident that, together, we will make Phase 2 aresounding success. Your support and active engagement will play a pivotal rolein achieving our goals. For further information, please liaise with your GM forthe latest updates.


Looking forward to the journey ahead!


Shamis Al Dhaheri

Group Managing Director

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