December 21, 2023

Celebrating a Landmark Visit from SAIC Motors Head Office


­­­­We at Inter Emirates Motors are thrilled to share the momentous news of a recent VIP visit from SAIC Motors Head Office. This exclusive event welcomed esteemed guests, including Mr. Wang Xiaoqiu, SAIC Group President; Mr. Yu De, SMIL President; Mr. Shi Wenhua, Deputy GM of SAIC President Office; Mr. Xu Shengyu, Director of SMIL PresidentOffice; and Mr. Tom Lee, Managing Director of SAIC ME, recognizing our significant strides in the automotive industry.


The visit coincided with our exceptional achievements in 2023, with a year-on-year growth of nearly 70% and an impressive increase of almost 4.5% in market share. Our representatives, Mr.Hisham El Sahn, Mr. Ali Al Dhaheri, Mr. Shamis Al Dhaheri, and Mr. Mohamed Al Dhaheri, warmly welcomed the esteemed guests.

The recognition demonstrates the trust andconfidence that SAIC Motors has placed in our capabilities and accomplishments.We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the entire team for their relentlessdedication and hard work that has made such recognition possible.

Let us continue our journey with renewedenthusiasm and determination, aiming for even greater milestones ahead!

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