May 21, 2024

Audi Ali & Sons takes home the prestigious Audi Middle East Twin Cup Technology Award


The Audi Ali & Sons Aftersales Team has recently been recognized with top honours, winning 1st place for both Audi Aftersales Team of the Year and Technical Team of the Year, and once again bringing home the prestigious Audi Middle East Twin Cup Technology Award.

These achievements are a resounding testament to the high standards of aftersales service consistently delivered by the Audi Ali& Sons team aligning with our commitment to #VorsprungDurchTechnik(Progress through Technology).

We extend our heartfelt congratulations toTechnicians, Binumon Babykutty and Jeba Raj Paul Durai, for securing 1st placein Technology.

However, their journey doesn't end here! Binumon and Jeba will now proudly represent Audi Middle East in the world semi-finals, with a chance to compete for the global title in Germany. This prestigious honour marks the third time members of theAudi Ali & Sons Aftersales Team have reached this incredible stage.

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