May 10, 2024

ASI Quarterly HSE Awards Winners - 1st Quarter 2024


Ali & Sons Interiors (ASI) OSH/HSE Management System requires allon-going projects to report HSE & Housekeeping deviations on daily basisand must attend and correct at the same time any deviations. These requirementsare being monitored, recorded, and reported to ASI Management on weekly basisto ensure the health, safety, well-being of employees and protection of theenvironment.

As such, the following projects have fulfilledthis high level of safety & housekeeping by maintaining their HSE &Housekeeping scores of 100% for the full first quarter of this year andaccordingly, ASI Management recognized their commitment and teamwork by meansof HSE Excellence Award.

Our sincere gratitude to all the stakeholders for their dedicatedefforts and contributions that have made such remarkable HSE performancespossible.

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