Emarat Aloula Industries
Emarat Aloula Industries
General Manager
Mohamed Metawie

Emarat Aloula Industries

Previously known as ABJ Industries, Emarat Aloula was acquired by Ali & Sons in 2021 and has been in operation since 2010. A fabrication facility, Emarat Aloula designs and manufactures a range of crucial oil and gas equipment, including pressure vessels, pressure piping, pressurised tanks, heat exchangers, modular skids, and many more. EAI has also worked on large architectural projects including stadiums and amusement parks.

With more than 3000 technical personnel and production facilities spanning 280,000 square metres, Emarat Aloula Industries has a long-standing reputation for quality, reliability, and professionalism — something that has continued following its acquisition by Ali & Sons Holding Group.

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