Ali & Sons Interiors
Ali & Sons Interiors
Division Director
Mohsin Taha

Ali & Sons Interiors

Ali & Sons Interiors Division (ASCID) was established in 2000 to work alongside our construction division, ASC. ASCID takes care of building design, fit-out, and decoration, with attention to detail considered absolutely paramount in every project we undertake.

Whatever the client’s requirements, we do whatever is needed to meet them. Seamless execution is always achieved on time with the help of our talented and experienced teams.

Thanks to the Décor & Joinery Department, we’re able to ensure our building interiors are of the highest possible quality, using cutting-edge design technology, development, and the most advanced machinery on the market. We specialise in woodworking such as doors, wardrobes, kitchens, wall panels, counters, custom-made furniture, and exhibition booths, to name just a few.

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