Ali & Sons Oil-Field Supplies & Services Company
Ali & Sons Oil-Field Supplies & Services Company
General Manager
Rabee Almukhallalati

Ali & Sons Oil-Field Supplies & Services Company

Ali & Sons Oilfield Supplies & Services (ASOS) is where Ali & Sons’ story started — ASOS, dealing with the Oil & Gas sector, was the first division established and has been a source of great pride and success ever since.

ASOS supplies a vast range of equipment for Offshore, Onshore, Oil & Gas, and Water & Power Installation, driven by decades of experience and some of the most skilled engineers in the industry. 

Based in Abu Dhabi, ASOS operates from a 20,000m2 facility that is fully equipped for oilfield operations, including a private jetty to allow marine service companies to easily reach the offshore.

ASOS allows Ali & Sons to provide a range of services to a number of industries — such as material supply to the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical sectors, as well as project engineering, construction, consultancy, and inspection. Over the years, ASOS has allowed Ali & Sons to provide our customers with exceptional service, laying the foundations for our reputation and present-day success.

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