October 14, 2022

Successful DIFC CP-05 Project Milestone


Ali & Sons Contracting once again proved its commitment by on-time execution and completion of an important milestone. 

“As the Main Contractor of this project, Ali & Sons has achieved the target date of casting the GF slab. We highly appreciate all the Ali & Sons team for their efforts and current achievement and wish them continued success” quoted by M/s Turner Construction – International LLC“

“One of our core values is to deliver a superior project management by ensuring effective framework conceptualisation, value engineering, and timely project completion. We are committed to achieve all the target date as planned and within the budget. This great distinction sets us far apart from others”, Eng. Mohamad El Hage, Sr General Manager – C&BM. 

As such, a lunch gathering was arranged on 9th September 2022 at DIFC Project Site Offices to celebrate the successful completion of the ground floor slab casting within the target date. The gathering was attended by the representatives from the client including the project consultants, project manager, Ali & Sons Holding top management, Ali & Sons Contracting Sr Management and project site team.

Mohamad El Hage
Sr. General Manager C & BM

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