August 29, 2023

Recycle, Reforest, Repeat Update


We are delighted to share our collective progress on the “Recycle, Reforest, Repeat” project.


Achieving this project's target goals makes us eligible to plant 4 trees under the “For Our Emirates We Plant” which will be held on 23rd December 2023, and has allowed us to be a direct part of greening the nation, effectively reducing the impact of desertification in the UAE and mitigating climate change.


Collectively, this year the project recorded a total of 183,297 kg of paper collected for recycling from 117 participants. This has resulted in the:

1. Mitigation of 709 MT CO2e,

2. Saving of 4,115 million BTU of energy,

3. Saving of 579 m3 of Landfill space, and

4. Saving of 3,116 trees from being felled.

Michael Bester

Group QHSSE Manager

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