Internal Audit Department

In consonance with the commitment of Ali & Sons Group of Companies to be a dynamic conglomerate fully accountable to the Chairman, an Internal Audit (I.A.) Department has been established at the Group level.

Internal Audit is an appraisal function established within the Group to independently examine and evaluate the activities of the Group as a service to the Chairman in particular and to the Board of Directors in general. It is a control which functions by examining and evaluating the adequacy and effectiveness of other controls. To this end, the I.A. Department will furnish the Chairman with the Board with analysis, appraisals and recommendations concerning the activities reviewed and assignments given. The I.A. Department, headed by the Group Internal Audit Manager, is functionally responsible to the Chairman.

The Group Internal Auditor shall have an advising role if it's required by the Chairman and / or the Board. The I.A. Department shall have an independent status within the Group and will not be involved in the day to day internal checking systems in the companies of the Group. The I.A. Department shall not also be involved in the implementation of internal control systems but may be consulted on the adequacy of controls when they are first implemented.

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Group Internal Audit Department - Mission Statement

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Group Internal Audit Department - Charter