What we Offer

This subsection provides information on the many benefits of working with Ali & Sons in terms of diversity of opportunity, in-house learning and development programmes, etc as well as the Group's value systems. It also lists the employment openings available across the Group.

The Ali & Sons Edge

With about 3500 employees across around 23 companies spread out throughout the Middle East, Ali & Sons is one of the UAE's largest private sector employers. But you need more than just number to gauge the group's attractiveness as an employer. One reason: Ali & Sons firmly believes that talented, young professionals are among their most vital resources.

To support and add value to the Group's business objectives and expansion plans, the Human Resources Department was set up to implement HR strategies. The Company places solid confidence in its HR resources and firmly believes in employee development as an important tool in achieving business objectives. Therefore, HR functions, such as recruitment, training and development and performance appraisal and management form an integral part of the company's HR strategies.

We Offer a Career, not only a Job

Ali & Sons offers excellent career opportunities and not only jobs across its entire Group Companies. The Company is committed to professional and operational development of its staff. It aims at attracting and retaining specialized personnel to support its activities.

Training and Development

Ali & Sons is culturally diverse but united by shared values. The Company offers excellent technical training and development facilities and programs to enhance the technical skills of its staff locally, within the Middle East region and internationally. The success of the Company largely depends on employee involvement and participation in management development initiatives and programs.

Competitive Compensation

Since Ali & Sons is result-driven, it offers competitive remuneration packages to attract and retain talented people.

Work Environment

With positive and productive working environment and challenging assignments, the Group is committed to become the employer of choice wherever it operates, thus attracting and retaining top professionals.

Career Growth and Progression Plans

To motivate and encourage promising employees, Ali & Sons provides career growth opportunities through its "Internal Appraisal System". This initiative aims at realizing innate potential; create better career path and progression plans for key positions.

Our People, our Most Valuable Asset

By developing a structure, systems and a workplace culture that provides challenging jobs, rewards performance and delivers continuous work opportunities, Ali & Sons strives to get the best out of its most valuable assets - its people.

A Vision of Success & Expansion

The Group has been broadening its horizons and looking for diverse business growth opportunities. To support such dynamism, we are seeking qualified and competent candidates to fill various vacancies and we welcome all those who feel they can meet the challenge.