H.E. Ali bin Khalfan Al Mutawa Al Dhaheri

The Founder and Chairman of The Family Council - Ali & Sons

Born in 1944, H.E. Ali bin Khalfan Al Mutawa Al Dhaheri is a dignified diplomat. He has seen life’s ups and downs, started as an entrepreneur, went through various market turmoils and was able to build his humble legacy.
Through his efforts, willpower and wholehearted devotion, the company expanded its activities and operations by establishing new businesses within various sectors locally and abroad.
He has received many citations, commendations and merits in countries like Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco and Lebanon, to name a few. He has also received recognition locally for his achievements that are par excellence.
He is The Founder of Ali & Sons Group and Chairman of The Family Council. The council upholds and maintains the sanctity of Philosophy, Vision and Mission of Ali & Sons Holding at all times. The members meet biannually governing the pace and direction of the business.
Mover & Shaker in business circles, H.E. Ali Bin Khalfan Al Mutawa Al Dhaheri has held key positions in prestigious offices mentioned below, proving his undeniably remarkable leadership traits.

  • 1970-1972 Abu Dhabi Government Office Representative, Cairo-Egypt (as Ambassador)
  • 1972-1974 Undersecretary of Housing & Purchase; Ministry of Finance
  • 1974-1992 Chairman, Abu Dhabi Civil Aviation Department
  • 1974-1992 Member, Abu Dhabi Executive Council (Minister of Aviation)
  • 1975-1992 Founder Member & Chairman, Abu Dhabi Aviation Company
  • 1979-1992 Chairman Board of Directors, Gulf Air
  • 1981-1992 Founder Member & Chairman, Gulf Aircraft Maintenance Company (GAMCO)
  • 1980-1984 Chairman Board of Directors, Abu Dhabi National Foodstuff Company (FOODCO)
  • 1981-1985 Founder Member, Deputy Chairman & Managing Director of Emirates Commercial Bank (a.k.a. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank)
  • 1982-1984 Vice-Chairman, Emirates Industrial Bank
  • 1982-1984 Founder Member & Chairman of the Board of Directors, Al Dhafra Insurance Company
  • 1979 Founder Member & Chairman, Al Ahlia General Trading Group (Oilfields)
  • 1988 – Till Date Board Member of Al Ahlia Gulf Line (Coca Cola Franchise) and now as a shareholder and partner.