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"Luxury and finesse find a new dimension"

Within a short span of time, Amwaj has become a brand name attached to some of the most exciting and vibrant high-end jewelry available in today's markets. In the Middle East, people are known to have a passion for luxury products that best express their social status. To cater to this niche market, Amwaj presents a new line of high profile designer jewelry and jewelry watches created for women in tune with the times. The essence of Amwaj is exclusivity. Conceived by inspired designers and sculpted by brilliant craftsmanship, Amwaj is characterized by the masterful setting of precious stones in gold.

A Legacy of Success

A member of the Ali & Sons Group of Companies, Amwaj was established in 1999 in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Today, Amwaj attracts connoisseurs of exquisite jewelry to its two exclusive boutiques located in prime locations in Abu Dhabi.

A Dazzling Range

Making waves in the Middle East, Amwaj showcases a breathtaking collection of jewelry embellished with diamonds and precious stones. Whether it is the grandeur and finesse of the bridal collection or the sophisticated exclusivity of the stone collection, the Amwaj Collection holds customers' sight and breath. Every Amwaj masterpiece is delicately assembled by the finest craftsmen, using the finest tools of the trade and the best materials. Stringent quality control methods are applied individually to all pieces.

Amwaj is synonymous with the eternally sparkling diamond-studded and gem-set jewelry. Carved out of nature's purest and most valuable substances, they are the passion of every woman. Instantly appealing to all, these jeweled creations express women's sensual side, while at the same time accentuates their personality.

Catering to the elite taste and creating the ambience they deserve, Amwaj boutiques offer undiluted privacy and understated grandeur. Reinventing a harmony in contemporary elegance and classic charm, these showrooms are abodes of a remarkable collection of desirables. The state-of-the-art showrooms are specially designed to provide an entirely new shopping experience to women looking for high quality and timeless pieces.

More Than a Watch

The Amwaj collection includes some of the finest designer watches. Created to become objects of desire, the Exposure range of timepieces exhibit intricate precision and impeccable quality. Unsurpassed watch-making know-how of the Swiss, coupled with innovative designs enriched with new types of gem-setting, make Exposure watches distinctive. Luxurious, daring and opulent, Exposure is a befitting accessory for those who deserve to be treated like Royalty. In their Endeavour to build up brand awareness among retailers and end-users, Amwaj participates in regional as well as global trade exhibitions.

Awazen Spa

Focusing its presence in the fitness and weight management domain, Ali & Sons group has invested heavily in Awazen Spa in Dubai, which is fast becoming popular not only among residents, but travellers visiting the UAE.

This Innovative spa has been designed to allow you to give yourself a well deserved break, to reconnect with your mind, body and soul. A bit like an icecream on a hot day without the guilt, totally refreshing and uplifting.

Come to relax and unwind. Take a break and watch others glide by with a smile. Don't be shocked to see glowing skin, happiness and halos.

At Awazen anything feels possible! There's plenty to discover and enjoy while becoming more in tune with yourself. It's about peeling away your everyday stress, stretching tired and forgotten muscles, freeing yourself from aches and pains, eliminating excess baggage and getting back in shape.

The Awazen experience is about tuning into benefits of a better lifestyle. It's an effortless easing into a wonderful world of inner and outer balance with a smile!

Take time to float away, feel content, feel serene.

It's simple It's Awazen.

AWAZEN Center Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi _ Wahda Tower .
Male & Female SPA
Wellness Center and Skin & Hair Care Clinic.
PO BOX-915, Abu Dhabi, UAE

AWAZEN Center Dubai
Fraser Suites Dubai
Sidra Tower
Sheikh Zayed Road, Media City
PO BOX-502306, Dubai, UAE
Tel Women's Spa: +971 4 4401444
Tel Men's Spa: +971 4 4401443

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